Hi, I'm Job

I am Job and I have made some cool projects on my very own website. I enjoy doing some programming in my spare time. Sometimes, I take on projects for my school; a good example is the Mediatheekrooster. Otherwise, I create projects for learning a new programming language or when I just feel like making them.

I started programming thanks to my uncle who gave me a Joomla website. Later on, he introduced me to HTML, and I started to continue learning from there on my own. And look what I've made so far; a quite impressive website, don't you say?

Now, I am able to code basic programs or websites in JavaScript (also Node.js & Electron), HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP, and I post those projects on my website or on my GitHub page. The name Jobbel.nl comes from a faraway friend who named me like that (I mean jobbel not .nl behind it, obviously).

I also like playing video games. When I don't feel like programming or working on school stuff, I like to play video games like Cities: Skylines, OpenTTD, Geometry Dash and Minecraft. Sometimes, my friends and I play games together on e.g. a Minecraft or OpenTTD Server.

My friend, Arne, also created a website, arnweb.nl, and he'd appreciate it if you would visit his website too. We help each other out when we struggle to code, and we both love playing retro games.